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Why vegan friendly?

The rapidly growing demand for vegan dishes has an enormous growth potential for your business - whether you run a guest house or event location, a restaurant or a café.

It is particularly important in the food industry to recognise people's culinary needs in order to be able to fulfil them. If you neglect developments in society and don’t go with the times, you can quickly miss out.

As a catering business, not offering vegan dishes on your menu these days is simply out of date. Our society's eating habits are changing rapidly and plant-based nutrition is more than just a trend, the number of people asking for plant-based food is growing every day for various reasons.


It is important for conventional food businesses to recognise this change and the associated potential. Thanks to my hospitality experience and knowledge of the needs and wishes of the vegan community, I can support you in realising the full potential of your catering business in the long term.


By having a vegan friendly offer on your menu, you are not only catering to the wishes of vegans but also the needs of vegetarians and health-conscious guests.  You also offer a selection for customers with lactose intolerance and will also be increasingly recognised by guest groups with mixed dietary requirements.

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Elena Irlanda is a Hospitality Consultant and Private Chef/ Caterer. She has extensive knowledge in the Food and Beverage Industry as well as Event Management, having worked in 5 star hotels in Germany and the Middle East for many years.

Her passion for plant based cuisine became prominent in 2014 when she changed her diet out of curiosity, but she was able to successfully turn it into her full time job in 2020, offering nutritiously dense meals delivered to your door which later changed to being a Caterer and Private Chef.

Currently residing in Lisbon, Portugal, Elena not only enjoys helping Restaurants and Hotels across the globe to offer a modern and vibrant vegan cuisine, train chefs and service staff, but also assists in insuring that the beverage menu caters to vegans and hotel guest rooms are vegan and eco-friendly.

As a Caterer and Private Chef for Weddings, Retreats and Corporate Events, she focuses on local, seasonal and organic whole foods to create a colourful culinary experience that is modern, well-balanced and nutritious, with a Zero waste approach.

Elena’s mission is to showcase that a plant based cuisine doesn’t have to be stereotypical. It can be transformative, exciting and on par with your traditional dishes when it comes to taste and satisfaction.

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