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Green Moustache Plant Based Vegan Gourmet Catering Lisbon Portugal Elena

I was born into the Food and Beverage Industry and started working in Restaurants at a very young age.


After my Hotel Management Training in a 5 start hotel in Cologne, Germany, I was moved to Dubai to work for the hotel chain Hyatt.


After a little of 2 years, I found myself as part of the Pre-Opening Team of one of the biggest hotels in the Middle East, as an Event Manager and Departmental Trainer.

I’ve always loved serving (and eating) food but my passion for cooking and creating only became prominent when I changed my diet out of curiosity in 2013 and never looked back.


Since then, my mission has become to inspire you with a sustainable, modern cuisine that you will truly enjoy!

Learn more about my newest consulting adventure here and find out what I do as a Vegan Hospitality Consultant 

Green Moustache Plant Based Vegan Gourmet Catering Lisbon Portugal Matthieu

I was born and raised in Brittany, France, but left at the age of 18 to follow my dreams.


I am a Master Baker at heart, have worked in different countries including but not limited to Germany, US, UAE and Canada.


My passion is and will always be fermentation. Sourdough bread, Kombucha and my biggest adventure, making a dairy-free alternative to cheese - Frenchie’z.

Settling down here in Portugal, rather than continuing my career as a Master Baker, I decided to devote myself to making Frenchie’z because I believe that food without animal ingredients is the future.

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