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“Camembert” was created by a priest during the French Revolution in Camembert city.
The Gradil was created by me, a Frenchman during the plant revolution in Gradil. I am so excited to share with you my latest creation which you will love, if you already appreciate our Blue chie’z.

Fermented and ripened for few weeks.  Made with organic and fair-trade Cashews.


The Gradil, just like the idyllic town where it’s being produced is full of character. Its semi-firm fruity and nutty with flavours of Roquefort.
Perfect on your chie’z platter or enjoyed on a slice of pão de Mafra!

Made in Portugal by a Frenchie.




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We tried the cheeses from frenchie'z.  Result, impossible to choose a favourite but what impressed me the most was the Blue. I've never had a vegetable cheese that was so good and so similar to dairy cheeses. The quality, the texture, the smell and the taste... incredible. I was lucky enough to do the tasting at @loja.pistacio and meet the authors of such a wonder. I realised that the fermentation techniques are the same used in traditional cheeses. These cheeses are worthy of any restaurant with a cheese board. Without a doubt now are our favourites.

Sandra via Instagram

Cashew* fair trade, filtered water, coconut oil*, white miso* (rice, soy), nutritional yeast, sea salt, fermentation cultures and penicillium roqueforti.

*From Organic Farming.

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Better than Cheese
100% plant based
Made with organic/ Fairtrade Cashews
Artisan, fermented, made with 💚
Made by a French in Portugal 🇵🇹

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